What a Green Tea Soak can do for you + make these green tea bath bags

What a green tea soak can do for you + make these green tea bath bags

Good for you on the inside AND outside!

Ever taken a sip of your tea and wished you could dive right in? Or been tempted by the green tea face masks that are popping up everywhere?! Its not just a fad, there’s actually some great health benefits that herbal teas can have for your skin.

Before we dive into making your own bath-sized tea bags, you probably want to know what the benefits of tea baths have for your skin! Not all teas may have good things for your skin, but some of the ones that do are listed below:

Green Tea – is known for its range of antioxidants that are good for your skin. Antioxidants are a bit of a buzz-word in skincare, but they basically protect your skin from things that can damage it and help with anti-ageing. Green tea can also clear redness and is an anti-inflammatory.

Chamomile Tea – famous for its ability to relax you and send you off to sleep, chamomile is also good for redness and has antibacter

ial properties. Chamomile also helps to fade scars and marks, and is the prettiest tea bath flower – what more convincing do you need!

Peppermint Tea – can clear acne with a cooling sensation on the skin, revitalise dull or oily skin, and soothes irritations.

Black Tea – the caffeine in black tea is good for puffiness under eyes. While there may not be many other properties worth bringing you to bathe in it, don’t forget to slap on a cool black tea bag on those mornings you can’t shake that puffiness!

Make these green tea and rose bath tea bags to give your skin a luxurious soak | Dossier Blog

Rose + Green Tea Bath Bags

Oversized teabag-style bath products are becoming so popular, but its easy to make your own. For this DIY we used green tea, but feel free to tailor your tea bath to whichever herbal tea suits you most. For a different combination, how about a chamomile and lavender teabag, or just add in your favourite essential oil.

In the bath, all the salts will dissolve but the tea will stay in the bag, and not end up clogging the drain once you’re finished!

You will need:

-Epsom salts
-Pink Himalayan salts
-Loose-leaf green tea
-Rose essential oil
-Medium-sized organza gift bags or organza material

Mix together epson salt, pink Himalayan salt and your choice of herbal tea to make your own bath tea bags | Dossier Blog

For this DIY you could either buy some organza gift bags and just tie them shut, or make a rectangle-shape out of organza and hem the edges.

Good enough to bathe in! Make your own green tea bath soak mix to help your skin | Dossier Blog

In a bowl, mix together two parts Epsom salts to one part Himalayan salt and one part green tea. Add a few drops of rose essential oil. Scoop the mix into your gift/tea bags. If you are sewing your bags, fold the top over and hem or stitch it in place.

You can always add a tag to your teabag, I used string and a piece of balsa to do this.

To use, remove the tag and dunk your teabag into a warm bath.

Have you ever tried a green tea bath, or other type of tea? There are so many simple remedies that can be used in place of the most complex formulas and products!

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