The Best Views in Jerusalem

The Best Views in Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem is a maze of covered walkways, narrow markets and disorienting alleys. While its fun to explore from ground level, its also good to get a different perspective…

Olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane

Mount of Olives & Gethsemane

The Mount of Olives features heavily in the New Testament of the Bible as the place where Jesus would gather with his disciples to pray. Despite its name, the Mount of Olives…

Jerusalem: Guide to the Old City

Jerusalem: Guide to the Old City

The Old City is divided up into four sections, or ‘quarters’, of people groups. Jerusalem is a special place for these groups for different reasons and each group has left their mark…

Jerusalem Old City from the Mount of Olives

Jerusalem: A Brief History

Jerusalem is a melting pot of different religions, people groups and history. The eyes of the world seem to always be on this city as tensions come and go. Taking a look back…

Matches in jars

DIY Matchbox Makeover

Candles used to be the gift you would pick when you didn’t know what to buy someone… But now they’ve become one of my favourite gifts – there’s so many good brands…

The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

What to expect when visiting Petra

Are you thinking of visiting Petra from Israel? A day trip or overnight trip is easily achievable if you have the time in your schedule – and Petra is well worth the…


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